The Business Model Innovation Game

A game for 3+ players, no max limit.

Game Time: 3 to 4 hours.

Easy to learn & Fun to play

Shift Your Business Model
in Just 5 Steps

Brainwrite Ideas

Brainwrite innovative ideas, refine via feedback, win votes to advance in the game.

Extract Assumptions

Uncover your idea's assumptions: desirability, viability, feasibility.

Assumption Mapping

Together you categorize assumptions by importance and evidence.

Create Experiments

As a team you will setup experiments on highly important assumptions lacking evidence.

SHIFT Business Model

Now's the moment to step outside, test your assumptions, and SHIFT your business model for growth

BMC SHIFT integrates the three-step process formulated by
Author of the book Testing Business Ideas

Quick Gameplay Overview

Round 1 / Competitive Ideation

In the first phase, creative brainstorming is key. Using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), teams aim to enhance the business with innovative ideas.

These ideas are improved with feedback and voted on. The more votes a team gets, the faster they progress on the game board.

Round 2 / Validating for Growth

This stage is all about action and refinement. Here, you will develop a validation plan for the winning ideas from round one. 

This critical process ensures that these top ideas, once validated, can lead to a transformative SHIFT in the business model, thereby fostering the potential for substantial company growth.

Reasons to Play


Teams gain insights and sharpen their focus on validating key growth areas through interdisciplinary collaboration, idea voting, and assumption mapping.



Through a systematic process of validating ideas, teams minimize risks and maximize potential for business growth.


By turning assumptions into experiments, innovators can refine their visions based on solid evidence and insights.

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BMC SHIFT could definitely help a startup or scale-up create better understanding and more alignment on strategic decisions.

Video Testimonial

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Target Audience Unveiled

Startups & Corporations

For startups, this game is a tool for aligning teams on strategic goals, reducing risks through systematic idea validation, and maximizing growth by turning assumptions into actionable experiments.

Universities & Higher Education

Students love the game’s engaging approach that incorporates Lean Startup, Business Modeling, and Blue Ocean theories, while teachers guide them to focus on validating their assumptions through experiments.

Incubators & Accelerators

Startups eagerly grab this game off the shelves, finding it an ideal, interactive tool for mastering business strategy and fostering growth. It’s perfect for incubators and accelerators, promoting evidence based learning.

Early Adopters

”The different assignments provide nice direction to the ideas, small guidance but big effect.”

”BMC SHIFT could definitely help a startup or scale-up create better understanding and more alignment on strategic decisions.”

”I experienced how a single card could unexpectedly set a lot in motion. In those 90 seconds, looking through different lenses, we came up with totally different ideas. By involving everyone in the game, we not only strengthened our connection to the business model but also to each other.”

”We played the game to deepen and broaden our existing business model. We thought we knew the direction, but now we realize this might change because we have to run validation experiments.”